Want someone who understands and is compatible with you? Want to hunt for the perfect someone? Well, we have got the best platform for you. Tinder MOD APK is the application that helps you get connected to your perfect someone.

Tinder MOD APK will help you unlock all the Gold features of Tinder. So you no more have to worry about the number of swipes you are doing in a day. With the application now you can look for as many people you want, and then get in touch with your favorite someone! Tinder Mod APK surely will you a gift for your perfect someone, and will end your lonely single days.

What is Tinder MOD APK?

Tinder has been one of the leading applications for a quick and long-term relationship. The best dating to know people around you and also make new friends with ease.

In Tinder, there is someone for everyone. From a long-term relationship or maybe just for a fling, there is definitely one for you. So, no more worrying about roaming to 100 hundred different places to find your partner. With the advancement in technology, all your perfect someone would just be a swipe away.

But tinder has special gold features in it, for that you need to pay! But well the Tinder Mod version has got your back. As of now with the version, you don’t have to pay a single penny to unlock the features. So make unlimited swipes, browse through as many profiles you want until you find your best fit.


Name of the application Tinder MOD APK
Size 34 MB
Price FREE
Version 11.30.1
Features All Gold Features Unlocked
Available on Play Store
Android Support 5.0 and above


Features: Tinder MOD APK

As we mentioned earlier that many features that are offered only to the Gold Tinder users are unlocked in the Mod Version of the application. So, now you can easily access all the Gold features all for free. So here is the list of features that you will get with Tinder MOD APK.

No Restrictions on Swipes.

Say no to the limitation of right-swiping. No more waiting for a long time to swipe right. As Tinder MOD gives you the premium feature of unlimited swipes for free. Now you don’t worry about spending extra for unlocking unlimited swipes.

No limit to Super likes.

One of the most expensive features of Tinder, and also one of the most useful features. This feature helps to impress someone with ease on Tinder by sending a super like to their profile. Now, with Tinder Mod APK on your device send unlimited super likes all for free. And get a chance to impress people whom you like.

Maintaining a Safe Dating Environment.

Tinder has always made sure that all the users have a safe dating experience. The MOD version of the application has all made sure the same. That the users installing the MOD version have a safe and pleasant experience while using the application.

Tinder US has a feature in which they provide their users with a panic button and with an anti-catfishing technology. This helps users in times of emergencies. As the user will just simply have to press the panic button on the application and they will receive the necessary help.

The Tinder Mod version is trying to inculcate this feature to provide safety to all its users.

A Free Profile Boost.

Want to reach more people in a short time? Want to get connected with many people so that you can find your perfect someone soon. Well, the profile boost feature will do the work for you. This feature would be typically paid on your normal Tinder Account. But with Tinder MOD APK you get a profile boost for free.

No Advertisement.

Isn’t it annoying that silly advertisements come in your way while you are on your way to finding your perfect someone? Well now say goodbye to the advertisement because Tinder Mod APK comes with the No Ads feature.


Additional Features: Tinder MOD APK.

  1. Extra Control over your profile.
  2. Rewind with ease to the last swipe.
  3. Swipe around the globe.
  4. Rooting: No Special Rooting needed.
  5. Tinder Gold: Unlocked.
  6. Easy and Quick way to find your perfect someone
  7. Advertisement for free experience.

Well now, as you know that you are going to unlock with Tinder MOD APK. One would definitely be convinced to install the application on your device. The application can be installed on your android devices as the version has this one flaw that it cannot be installed in all the devices except for android.

How to Install Tinder Mod APK?

The steps to install the application are pretty simple. At the completion of these steps, you would be one step closer to finding your perfect someone. So quickly go through the steps and complete the installation process.

Note: Before installing the MOD version of the application, one has to uninstall the original version of Tinder. This step will make sure an error-free installation of Tinder MOD.

Step 1:  Download the apk file of the application for a trusted site.

Step 2: Find the application on your device, and press Install on the application.

Step 3:  Install the application on your device.

Step 4:  Open the application, and now it is ready to use.

Note: Enable the option of allowing downloading from unknown sources in your device, before you start the installation process.

I hope this application would increase the chance of you meeting your special someone. And bring all the happiness in your life.  This crack version will help you crack your perfect someone with ease, with the help of just swiping.

Happy Swiping!

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