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Always want to stay ahead of the world? Tired of waiting for updates to reach your device? Root your device and get access to various latest advancements possibilities of technology. Rotting is the best way to make your device open to various updates. But also, rooting your device also comes with a high level of risk.

As a rooted device is open to various new possibilities. It becomes tricky and risky work for you. Well, the selection is always difficult. And making the right choice is more difficult. The best solution to all your problems is to install the SuperSu Pro application on your rooted device.

Now the question is why should one install this application? SuperSu is a pretty powerful and useful tool for your android device. The tool allows you to manage the performance of the advancement in your device. SuperSu will simply look into all the applications installed in the device which require rooting in your device. SuperSu will grant all the necessary permission for the application.  It will also make sure that the permissions granted to the application won’t cause any damage to your device.

About SuperSu Pro APK

Super Su is the best and safe application for managing the advancement in technology after rooting your device. SuperSu also assures the good health of your device after the rooting process. Whatever may be your reason to root your device. SuperSu Pro will make sure that your device is safe. It removes all the restrictions which an unrooted device would have from the manufacturer.

In simpler words, SuperSu Pro will let you enjoy all the privileges for the applications installed on your device. An also it will administer your device for the necessary permissions.

The feature which sets apart SuperSu Pro from all the application is that it has a user-friendly interface. The most important feature that SuperSu has that it can temporarily unroot your device. So now you can enjoy the features of an unrooted device also. Why this feature so important? Various applications only work on unroot devices for example your banking applications. This feature will unroot your device temporarily, and allow you to access the features of that application.

Name of the Application SuperSu Pro
Version 2.82
Size 6 MB
Features All Premium features Unlocked
Price Free
Category Tools
Android Version 4.0 and above


What are the Features of SuperSu Pro APK?

There are many features that this application provides. And undoubtedly all the features provided by the application are useful for your device. These are the basic list feature that the application has.

  1. Temporary unrooting of device.
  2. Ghost Mode: You can run ghost mode on your device.
  3. Prioritizing notifications for individual apps.
  4. Theme options are available: 4 Themes.
  5. Gives you the chance to convert an application to a system application.
  6. Selection for the icon of the application. You can also have an invisible icon.
  7. Wake on prompt.
  8. There is Pin Protection in the application.
  9. Has Pin protection for individual applications.
  10. SuperSu access Logging.
  11. SuperSu access Prompt.
  12. SuperSu Pro also works in recovery.

Additional Features of SuperSu Pro APK

There are also some additional features that the application provides.

  1. SuperSu Pro comes with OTA Survival Mode. ( No Guarantees)
  2. Pre- App Configuration.
  3. Adjusting Auto Countdown.
  4. Unrooting the device for a specific period of time.
  5. SuperSu offers full color-coded logging.

How to Download SuperSu Pro APK?

The steps to install the application is very easy. It is no rocket science. Anyone who has the basic technical knowledge can install SuperSu Pro with ease. Follow the steps, and it will be very easy to install the application on your device.

So getting control over your favorite application is just a few steps away.

Step 1 – attend Download Button: Very first you would like to click on the download button we’ve provided.

Step 2 – Open  File Manager: Once you click on the download button your downloading will start now open file manager and find SuperSu Pro APK File.

Remember – You need to enable unknown sources after downloading this APK file because SuperSU APK is a modified version of SuperSU Pro APK. The application is a third party application. And the android devices do not allow to install of any third-party application.

Step 3 – Install SuperSU Pro APK: Now tap thereon APK file of Among US Hacked APK you’ve got downloaded. Once you tap on that your application will be on your phone.

Step 4 – Launch SuperSU Pro APK: Now the app icon is going to be on your phone. Tap on that to start using the application.

Note: To install the SuperSu Pro version on your device, you first need to install the previous version of the application.

SuperSu Pro Mod is a very super cool application. Make sure that you stay away from fake applications with the same name and features.  The Mod version of the application will not available on Google Playstore. So you have to download it from the links, trusted links on the internet.

Enjoy your rooted device with the best technological advancements, with the safety of SuperSu Pro! Be ahead of all the trends! No more waiting for the updates from the manufacture. No more restrictions.

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