Gamers would always love a game that would have more adventure. While action games have always led the gaming world. The leading games on the leader board are always that are interactive and engage the audience.

One such game is Faug. The game was developed after the ban of the famous game PUBG. The game is definitely an alternate of PUBG.  The game is part of a self-reliant moment in India.  The developers of the game Core launched the game on 4th September 2020.

About FAUG

The game is a battle royal game. The application of the game is designed under the mentorship of Akshay Kumar. The application will be available on android as well as iOS. The game is categorized under the shooting game category.

The game is based on the soldiers of the Galwan Valley. The game is an initiative to honor the 20 soldiers that died in the Galwan Valley during the dispute with China. It’s a great way to pay tribute to the soldiers and their families. And the best way to tell the untold stories about those unsung warriors.

The application was in the development process in October. There were rumors which suggested that the game shall be far better than PUBG. As the game is said to have b=very unique features for the players.

Name of the application FAUG HACK APK
Size 2 GB (approximately)
Price Free
Available on Play store
Android Support Yes
Launch Date 4th September 2020.
Developer Core Games


Features of FAUG Mod APK

As the rumors have suggested that the game is absolutely going to be really great. The game has some stunning features which no game in the category shall have.  The few features that have been told by the developers have told has already created a huge excitement within the players.

No doubt the game is said to be a replica of the ban game PUBG, but the rumors about the game have told the game would have far better features than PUBG. The game has already gained a lot of popularity among gamers. Also, the people who are not big fans of gaming are eagerly waiting for the game. As the game is a tribute to the warriors of the Galwan Valley.

The game is also said to have high graphic quality. The game does not have a while the sole purpose of entertainment but also it will enlighten you with the knowledge of the brave-hearted soldiers.

FAUG has a wide range of features that the players will have to explore and experience while playing the game. There is a wide range of weapons that the player will get to select. The online multiplayer game also includes royal battles.

The game FAUG stands for united and fearless. The game includes real-life scenarios faced by the Indian soldiers on the battlefield.

This is a quick review of all the features that the game might have.

  • High-Quality Graphics
  • Amazing controls and Gameplay
  • Gameplay with story mode as well as multiplayer mode.
  • Wide range of weapons- From riffles to shotguns.
  • Maps with shooting mode option.
  • Real currency can be used to purchase the items in the game.

Additional Features of FAUG Hack APK

  • No rooting required.
  • Unlimited money feature added.
  • All the bugs are fixed.
  • Unlocked all skins.
  • Can team up with friends.
  • Anti-Ban Version.
  • Virus removed.

The game is also said to have a feature which is called wall hacking. This feature helps one to kill the enemies in a simple way. The game is all enabled with an automatic aiming option, this includes automatically shooting your enemy and kills them.  The game contains realistic weapons and also bikes, cars, planes, and many more things.

How to Install FAUG hack APK.

The steps to install the game are very simple. As the game does not require any special application nor any specific permission to get installed. The installation process for the game is a trouble-free one.  Just follow the below-mentioned steps, and in no time, you shall have the game installed on your device.

  • Open the Google Play store on your device.
  • Search for FAUG.
  • Choose FAUG game developed by core games.
  • Press the install below, and let the game be downloaded.
  • Once the game is installed, open the game and enjoy!

The official launch date of FAUG.

There have been many speculations about the launch date of the application. As the game has already gained its fans. So, the eagerness among the people has somewhere helped the developers to complete the application as soon as possible.  Many sources also say that the application might be available from December.

So, keep your devices empty for installing the immense game. A great internet connection would be cheery on the top of the installation process. There is surely going to be a lit bit of wait before the game actually becomes available on various downloading platforms. But as it is always said the more you wait the better you get its returns!

So, let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait for the tribute game. Which would make all the Indian proud to be an Indian.  Hope the article gave you all the information about the upcoming game and also charged you up to play the game!



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