Gaming gives a different kind of fun. In these difficult times what better partner than gaming for staying home. But the question does anyone like waiting for all the excitement of the stages to unlock? Well, apparently when you are alone playing the game. But it becomes very annoying when your whole gang is ahead of you! Hate to be called a Newbie!

The game in trend is Among Us! Do you enjoy becoming an imposter? Get a step ahead of the rest of your gang. Download the Among Us Mod Menu Antiban APK. With this, you get a hacked version of the game. In this version, you get to discover various features like always becoming an imposter. Not only that you can also enjoy No Ban, Unlimited Emergency meetings, Immortality, and many other features.

The game Among Us got a lot of attention this year. The hype for this game is never-ending. It has definitely given the gamers, a new something after the ban of PUBG.

The game is really fabulous. The graphics are not as higher as PUBG. The light, simple graphics, simple character design, the fantastic sound quality. Makes the game really incredible. And the add on is the game would not have much MB! That is true! It is less than 100 MB. It also does not require a high processor.

Well, I guess we should dive into the article. So you don’t have to wait for more to unwrap the secrets of the Among Us Mod Menu AntiBan. The article will give you 100% true information about the version. And yes! It is totally working.

Specifications Among Us MOD Menu Antiban

Name of the Game Among Us
Versions Compatible 4.4+ (Android)
Price Free
Download Size 77.02 MB
MOD Enabled
Available On PlayStore (com.inner mafia)
Category Among Us Mod Antiban


Features of Among Us Mod Menu Antiban        

Always Imposter Mod

First and also the most significant feature of among us hack. By using this Among us mod menu apk, you’ll always be an Imposter. Therefore, always activate Imposter Mod from the Menu available on our Among Us Mod Menu Antiban and Enjoy Gameplay.

NO Ban hack:

The biggest problem with all the hacks available on various sites is that they get banned weekly. So, we are here with no ban hack. Now, you won’t get banned for using Among us Mod Menu AntiBan.

Unlimited Emergency Meetings

In Normal Version of Among Us there only a limited number of emergency meeting calls. But in Among Us Mod Menu Antiban you’ll be able to call meeting infinite times.

No, Kill Cool-down hack

In Among Us Mod Menu Antiban, there won’t be time for cool-down. As within the normal version after killing as an imposter.

Wall Hack

Among Us is a game all around the brick walls. So, what if I say during this mod menu you’ll be able to see through the walls? Consequently, the mod menu’s wallhack will allow you to see transparently through walls in among us.

Speed hack Mod Menu Antiban

After killing someone being an imposter among us, you’re running speed decreases. But don’t worry, the mod menu will get you lighting fast running speed.


At last, you can win directly by completing all sets of tasks and building your space shuttle.

Steps for Installing Among Us MOD Menu Antiban.

For Mobile

  1. First, you have to download the Among Us MOD Menu AntiBan APK.
  2. Uninstall the previous version of the game before installing this APK.
  3. Allow all the installation process after downloading the link.
  4. Permit installation from an unknown source, if asked.
  5. The game is ready to use! Enjoy the experience
  6. There are chances that when you open the game for the first time it would prompt a message, to allow it over other apps’ display.
  7. Allow the app, for a better experience.

Additional Features for Among Us MOD Menu Antiban

  1. Unlocks Skins
  2. Unlocks Characters
  3. Unlocks Hats

About Among Us

Among Us could be a simple yet very detailed game that can assist you to enhance your mapping skills and a teamwork game also as a betrayal. Basically, the player is traveling during a spaceship, and the talent to pick out the crew count from 4 to 10. There are several tasks to fulfill along with your crewmates and at last, find the imposter to kill.

The imposter includes a job to murder all the opposite crew members to win the sport and sometimes the imposter blame innocent for ejecting them from the ship – a mystery game which helps us to unravel the issues in the real world also.

Well, Among Us Mod Menu comes with some really impressive features that may assist you in winning the sport if you’re either in crew or an imposter. The free version from Innersloth LLC is sweet too but comes with minimal ads and paid skins. You can play genuinely if you would like to enhance your brain thinking ability.

Note: The game is available in two versions i.e. rooted and non-rooted. One must carefully download the game.

Let the game begin! Be the Imposter, or Find the Imposter. I leave the decision to you. Cause now with this version of the game you can easily play the game. Download the APK of the AntiBan to be among your gang to play Among Us.

Hoping that the article gave you all the necessary information about Among Us Mod Menu AntiBan.

Enjoy Gaming!

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